Save Illinois!

Grant is working hard on the issues that effect us in our community. It’s a difficult fight, with special interests swaying decisions to benefit themselves over citizens.

But Grant enjoys speaking up for what’s right and opposing those who might take advantage. In fact, he has a solid track record on many issues that impact us. Here are just a sampling:

It’s time to turn Illinois around. Stand with Grant Wehrli. Help him win a new term in office so he can continue fighting for us.

Here’s a simple way to show your support. Request a yard sign! Everyone passing your home, your work place, other locations where you’d like to place a sign, will be reminded of Grant come election day.

Please sign up to help Grant win his re-election campaign. He needs help in writing, calling, and administration. Won’t you volunteer with him?

Let him know in the Message area of this form how you might be able to help, along with how much time you can dedicate to the cause.