Grant on Education

Grant Wehrli is a lifelong Naperville resident and a product of District 203 schools. His children attend and graduated from Naperville Central High School and his wife is a schoolteacher at River Woods Elementary School. The quality of schools in the 41st District is a top priority for Grant.

Ensuring that local children and children across Illinois have access to good teachers and a solid education have been important elements of Grant Wehrli’s legislative agenda every year. During the current 101st General Assembly, Grant has championed several initiatives that help students, teachers, and families. Just some of those accomplishments include:

Improving School Safety

Chief Co-Sponsor of HB 1561 (PA 101-0455): This law requires school officials and emergency response personnel to work collaboratively to create emergency response protocols. The new law also allows for specific tax monies to be used to fund school resource officers and mental health professionals.

Improving Teacher Training on Inclusion

Chief Co-Sponsor of HB 355 (PA 101-0085): Since more than half of all special needs students are educated in a general education setting, this new law requires all educators to complete additional professional development training hours on best practices for classroom inclusion for special education students.

Protecting Student Health

Co-Sponsor of SB 1250 (PA 101-0205): This law adds new protections for students with asthma, by providing that students with an “asthma plan” can self-administer medications if a parent/guardian provides permission that he/she may do so.

Supported HB 1475 (PA 101-0050): This law ensures students with epilepsy receive necessary care during school hours, by mandating a seizure action plan. The law also allows students with epilepsy to carry medication and supplies with them during the school day.

Supported HB 822 (PA 101-0428): This law provides enhanced protections for students with diabetes, by allowing school districts to stock diabetes-related medications, including glucagon, and allows school nurses of aides to administer medication during a diabetes emergency.

Raising Minimum Teacher Salaries

Supported HB 2078 (PA 101-0443): This law amends Illinois statutes to increase minimum teacher pay annually until salaries reach a minimum of $40,000 in the 2023-2024 school year. This bill did not really impact teachers working in District 200, 203 and 204 schools, but it is helping downstate and rural districts attract more teachers by offering more competitive starting pay.

Protecting Students’ Digital Information

Supported HB 3606 (PA 101-0516): This law amends the Student Online Personal Protection Act to strengthen regulations and enhance student privacy rights.

Blocking a Series of Unfunded Mandates

Grant is a vocal opponent of bills that pass new mandates down to schools without providing the requisite funding for implementation of the new mandate. Unfunded mandates drive local education costs up, which, in turn, drives local property taxes up. One unfunded mandate bill that was successfully blocked would have forced school districts to either hire additional PE teachers to meet a new proposed minutes-per-week mandate, or cut teachers and educational hours in important areas like are and music in order to meet the PE mandate. The Indian Prairie School District was extremely vocal with their opposition to this bill, and Grant fought the bill in Springfield on their behalf.

Help Grant Continue Standing Up for Our Environment

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Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels