Grant on the Environment

Grant Wehrli is a leading voice in the General Assembly on issues involving the environment. Due to his strong advocacy in this area, he has been recognized multiple times by groups like the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) and the Sierra Club as a Champion of the Environment. Grant Wehrli is routinely listed by these and other environmental organizations as the highest-achieving House Republican when it comes to votes he has taken that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the energy sources we utilize.

Here are just some of the bills Grant has championed in the General Assembly (and one he strongly opposed) related to environmental protection:

Clean Energy and Climate Change

Chief Co-Sponsor of HB 3624, the Clean Energy Jobs Act: This bill, currently pending in the 101st General Assembly, seeks to increase jobs and economic development by increasing clean energy production by transitioning Illinois away from fossil fuels.

Protecting Our Air and Water

Chief Co-Sponsor of SB 1852 (PA 101-0022): This law, known as the Matt Haller Act, was enacted in response to a cancer cluster near the Sterigenics sterilization plant in nearby Willowbrook. The law places the strictest emissions standards in the nation on sterilization facilities that utilize ethylene oxide, ensuring air quality levels are 99.9% chemical-free. It also sets limits for how close sterilization facilities can be from schools and parks, and requires notice be provided to the residents, schools, hospitals and local government in the event that elevated ethylene oxide emissions are detected.

Chief Co-Sponsor of SB 1854 (PA 101-0023): Because of the cancer cluster near the Sterigenics facility in Willowbrook this law was enacted to take proactive steps to regulate other sources of ethylene oxide. The law requires all other sources of ethylene oxide emissions to continually monitor their emissions and allows the Illinois EPA to place caps on their emissions. 

Chief Co-Sponsor of SB 09 (PA 101-0171): This law creates new regulations for coal ash, a toxic byproduct of coal burning that can add heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals to Illinois streams. 

Recycling and Composting

Chief Co-Sponsor of SB 1417 (PA 100-0043): This law reforms e-waste recycling laws to increase availability of and access to electronics recycling.

Co-Sponsor of SB 1392 (PA 101-0330): This law increases research in Illinois on the spread of microplastics to drinking water.

Co-Sponsor of HB 4790 (PA 100-0951): This law requires a greater use of more food scrap compost in road projects. 

Land Conservation and Wildlife

Co-Sponsor of SB 1029 (PA 100-0420): This law provides funding for new public-private partnerships to care for natural lands.

Co-Sponsor of HB 685 (PA 100-0557): This law prevents municipalities from prohibiting milkweed, which is the only location where Monarch butterflies lay their eggs. The nectar in milkweed flowers provides valuable food for butterflies, bees and other pollinators. 

Supported SB 3214 (PA 100-1022): This law protects pollinators and promotes pollinator planting at large solar fields.

Opposed HB 2425: This bill would have rolled back the Illinois Endangered Species Act.

Help Grant Continue Standing Up for Our Environment

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