Grant on Term Limits

Term Limits for Legislative Leaders

Grant Wehrli is a strong proponent of term limits for legislative leaders and rank and file members of the General Assembly. In the 101st General Assembly he is a Chief Co-Sponsor of a measure that would put term limits in place for those serving in positions of leadership.

HJRCA 12 is bipartisan legislation that would limit any legislator from serving as Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, Minority Leader of the House or Minority Leader of the Senate to eight years in any one position or 12 years when the individual serves in more than one leadership position.

Mike Madigan has served as Speaker of the House for 35 of the last 37 years, and he is the longest-serving Speaker of the House in the history of the United States. If the provisions of HJRCA 12 were in place, Madigan would have been sent back down the ranks decades ago.

Three of the Four Legislative Caucuses Implemented Term Limits Internally

Efforts to put term limits in place routinely fail to advance in Springfield, because when the individual who controls what bills get called has served in his role for almost four decades, he clearly doesn’t want them.

To remedy this, three of the four legislative caucuses have amended their internal caucus rules to put their own term limits in place for leadership positions. House Republicans, Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats have all adopted internal rules regarding legislative term limits. The only caucus that refuses to put them in place is Mike Madigan’s caucus.

Grant believes that with no term limits in place for legislative leaders, one individual’s agenda eventually becomes the agenda for the entire state, and that’s wrong.

Term Limits for Rank and File Members?

Grant believes term limits should apply to all members. He supports a limit of ten consecutive years per legislative chamber.

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Image by CJ from Pixabay